Cold Chamber
Die Casting

Die Casting Cells

NIDC uses self-contained cold chamber dies casting cells with machines ranging in size from 400 ton to 1000 ton.

Our cold chamber die casting cells include individual breakdown/holding furnaces, auto-ladle metal delivery, automatic die spraying, automated part extraction, water or air quench and hydraulic trim press.  Utilizing independently operated casting cells, we can cast a variety of aluminum and zinc alloys simultaneously. This allows NIDC to determine and use the perfect alloy for your application. We specialize in low to medium volume projects (approximately 10,000 – 250,000+ EAU).

At NIDC, we focus continual improvement and developing maximum flexibility in our casting cells.  Therefore, additional automation is being added to our 800 ton and 1000 ton cold chamber die casting cells to further increase product quality and production throughput.