Who We Are

NIDC is now an industry leader in providing single source low to mid-volume high-pressure die casting solutions for our customers.

We utilize our array of engineering and design, die casting, machining, finishing, powder coating and assembly capabilities to provide customized products for various end markets. We have high-pressure die casting capabilities that range for 200 ton to 1000 ton, which enable us to produce parts of various sizes, weights, and design complexities. NIDC currently ships products throughout the world and serves customers on four continents by providing quality castings and assemblies, in a variety of alloys, on time, at competitive prices. What does this mean to you? It means that we are not your typical die caster. We are flexible and responsive. We take care of our customers. Helping people just comes naturally here in the Midwest. It’s part of our lifestyle and value system, and we hope to have the opportunity to prove ourselves to you!

Die casting provides cost-effective solutions to create parts that have complex shapes, parts that require a high heat tolerance, and also allows us to produce a part with tighter and stricter tolerances.  Die casting historically has inherently produced less scrap and requires less machining than machining parts our of raw billets.  When compared with forgings, plastic injections, stampings, etc, die casting is the clear choice for superior part quality with a low cost.  Die casting produces parts with excellent strength to weight ratios and allows for many different finishing capabilities.

Why Die Casting

The benefits of using die casting over other methods of part production are numerous.

NIDC Commitment

NIDC is actively committed to:

  • Maintaining a culture focused on safety, quality products, continual improvement, collaborative problem solving, and the ongoing search for innovation
  • Being the low to mid-volume die casting partner of choice for our customers
  • Providing our customers excellent in-house engineering support, fast turnaround times, and superior product quality
  • Understanding our customers’ needs fully, meeting their requirements, and striving to exceed their expectations throughout the product lifecycle
  • Developing and supporting employees who proactively seek to produce high quality products while focusing extensively on safety
  • Supporting our local community through corporate growth that provides increased employment opportunities and active participation in local industry and charitable organizations

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